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    The poems and illustrations in Occasionally Accurate Science investigate, play with, and push the envelope of collective nouns in fantastical and ordinary ways. With off-the-wall forms and the occasional scientific accuracy, Occasionally Accurate Science seeks to help children (and quirky adults!) explore the blurry lines between fact and fiction, poetry and taxonomy. Occasionally Accurate Science allows readers to explore the fantastical world of groupings of animals with one eye turned toward the truth. It is a delightful book that can be used for fancy and education in equal measure.


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    Nomadic Press

    “July Westhale’s utterly fun and delight-filled book of poems, in collaboration with the striking illustrations by Liz Laribee, offers a surprising, fascinating, and charming world of language and animals. Strange combinations and collectives create rhythms and rhymes that make the edges of the mouth turn up into a smile, and then open into an “O”, such is the joy of the diction and the exciting anticipation of the scansion and syllabic music…


    It was a pleasure to work with July, to see this playful and imaginative manuscript develop and come into the world after the breakout of her first full-length collection of poems, Trailer Trash (from Kore Press). Occasionally Accurate Science is lighthearted, twirling with syntactical dance moves and creativity enough to keep both children and mature readers enthralled and ever-so-curious about what pack, or cloud, gang or sleuth, will be discovered as an undulation or ruffle or pleat or laugh (nothing respective in those lists, by the way;). This book is about movement, friendship, and solidarity, among other things. Folding in facts with humor, Occasionally Accurate Science is a zoological odyssey of wild words and roaming lines. Everyone should enter here, the sassy and exclamatory kingdom of July Westhale and Liz Laribee.”

    Michaela Mullin, Nomadic Press



    Occasionally Accurate Science Author Talk with July Westhale and Nomadic Publisher J.K. Fowler, for the South San Francisco Public Library. October 2020.